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Household Electrification Update

Bottom Line: 26% of American Households are Now All-Electric. 

EIA recently released data showing that, in 2020, 32.25 million households (26%) were all-electric. All-electric homes are most common in Florida (77%) and least common in Maine (7%), Michigan (7%), New Hampshire (7%), and New York (7%). Although the remaining 45 states fall between these two extremes, all areas of the country must be prepared to fight efforts to end the use of thermal fuels, including propane, and transition homes and businesses to electricity.

Combating electrification, whether legislative or regulatory in nature, continues to be a top priority for NPGA. To learn more about propane’s eco-friendly attributes and find material to fight the electrify everything movement, visit the Fight Electrification section on the Member Dashboard. For more information, please contact NPGA’s Director of State Affairs,  Jacob Peterson.