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House Votes on Two Consumer Choice Bills

Last week, the House of Representatives voted on two bills that would protect consumer choice for gas stoves. On Tuesday, Congressman Armstrong’s (R-ND) Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act (H.R. 1615) passed, with a bipartisan vote, 248-180, including yea votes from 29 Democrats, that, if signed into law, would prohibit the Consumer Product Safety Commission from regulating gas stoves as a banned hazardous product. On Wednesday, Congresswoman Lesko (R-AZ) led the second bill, the Save Our Gas Stoves Act (H.R. 1640), which would limit the Department of Energy’s (DOE) ability to finalize their February 2023 supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking related to gas stoves as well as limit DOE’s ability to introduce similar regulations. The National Propane Gas Association worked closely with Congresswoman Lesko and proudly endorsed H.R. 1640. In fact, Congresswoman Lesko mentioned NPGA on the House floor when she introduced this bill. The Save Our Gas Stoves Act passed the House with a bipartisan vote of 249-181, again, with 29 Democrat yea votes.

Next, these pieces of legislation will head to the Democratic-controlled Senate for consideration, where they will face an uncertain future.

Click HERE to view NPGA’s letter of support Save Our Gas Stoves Act.