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Forklift Economic Impact Report Available

The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) on February 28 published an economic impact report on the cost of the Zero Emission Forklift rulemaking currently underway at the California Air Resources Board. The rule, which is set for a vote on June 27, would mandate that all Class IV (cushion tire) and the majority of Class V (pneumatic tire) combustion forklifts be removed from existing fleets and replaced by battery-electric lifts.

The press release is here and the full report itself is here, along with collateral materials. Importantly, the report shows this rulemaking could create $27 billion in economic costs for businesses, local governments, and nonprofits across California. Of particular national interest, the model that was developed can be used for any state on replacing LPG forklifts or trucks for Class 2/3 charging EVs.

The propane industry and key stakeholders are invited to register for a webinar with live Q & A hosted on March 7 at 12 noon Pacific. Consultants Andrew Chang & Company and staff from the WPGA will discuss in detail the findings of the statewide economic impact study.

For more information contact WPGA Executive Director Colin Sueryes or visit