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Federal Infrastructure Grants Now Available for Propane Equipment Serving Ports

Bottom line: $450 million in federal grants now available for propane equipment.

The Maritime Administration is accepting grant applications for improvements to coastal seaports, inland riverports, and Great Lakes ports, including the purchase of propane powered equipment to improve the resilience and efficiency of operations as well as reduce emissions and pollutants. The 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act set aside $450 million dollars for grants to port authorities, state and local governments, or Indian Tribes for projects initiated over the next five years.

The Maritime Administration’s Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) is available to fund projects that improve the safety, efficiency, or reliability of loading and unloading goods, moving goods, port operations, or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the surrounding communities. In this year’s grant funding, the Maritime Administration is specifically looking for projects that will improve port resiliency by addressing hazards caused by extreme weather events like hurricanes, wildfires, and public health emergencies – and the propane industry has a demonstrated ability to serve as the go-to emergency fuel in natural disasters.

Entities eligible to apply for the PIDP grants are port authorities, state or local governments, Indian Tribes, or other operators of port facilities. The grant announcement is available online here. Examples of successful PIDP grant applications from last year are available here.  Visit the Fight Electrification tab on the NPGA Member Dashboard for more information.

Questions? Contact NPGA Vice President of Regulatory & Industry Affairs Sarah Reboli.