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EIA Weekly Heating Oil and Propane Update

The latest report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides key insights into the propane market as of February 14, 2024. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Residential Propane Prices: The national average was $2.611 per gallon, lower than last year by $0.095 per gallon. Prices varied across regions, with the East Coast averaging higher prices ($3.480 per gallon) compared to the Midwest ($2.117 per gallon).
  • Wholesale Propane Prices: The U.S. average was $1.088 per gallon, up from the previous year by $0.040 per gallon. The Central Atlantic region had higher prices compared to the Gulf Coast.

For more detailed information, click here to review the report. For questions or comments on the report, please contact Twana Aiken, NPGA Senior Manager of Industry Affairs.

Disclaimer: NPGA solely provides EIA data; all numbers reported are sourced directly from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).