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EIA Collecting Critical New Data Set

Over the past ten years, NPGA and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) have been working tirelessly together to bring much-needed transparency to the propane industry. Our focus has been on determining the exact volume of ready-for-sale propane available nationwide, addressing the complexities arising from the propylene/propane classification that combines propane and propylene, and from EIA’s past practice of collecting data on propane stocks regardless of whether the propane was of marketable quality or if it was in y-grade, a mix of natural gas liquids.

In 2022, NPGA’s Propane Supply and Logistics Committee continued this collaborative mission, aiming to distinguish the precise quantity of fractionated propane prepared for distribution. In an effort to represent the collective interests of our industry, NPGA submitted a thoughtful comment to EIA. This comment underscored the importance of access to accurate data on propane volumes, crucial for the businesses and stakeholders within our sector.

We are thrilled to share that this decade-long collaborative endeavor has borne fruit. EIA has initiated the collection of data through the EIA Form 815 Monthly Bulk Terminal Report, starting in September. The new data series could potentially be available as early as November, signifying a vital advancement in transparency and data accuracy for the propane industry. This development not only exemplifies our persistent efforts but also solidifies the strong partnership between NPGA and EIA in addressing our members’ needs.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the progression of this initiative. We appreciate the collective efforts of all parties involved and look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration. For more information on the EIA Monthly Bulk Terminal report, please feel free to contact NPGA Senior Manager of Industry Affairs Twana Aiken.