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COP28: Fossil Fuel Phase-out and Phase-down Language Not Approved

At the close of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28) on Wednesday, delegates from nearly 200 countries (including the U.S.) approved a global pact that calls for “transitioning away from fossil fuels” like oil, gas, and coal. While the media is referring to the pact as “the beginning of the end of fossil fuels,” it is important to note that it does not call for the phase-out or phase-down of fossil fuels. Early drafts did include the phase-out or phase-down language, but the conference could not reach an agreement on the use of those terms. However, the delegates reached a compromise that calls for countries to accelerate a global shift away from fossil fuels in a “just, orderly, and equitable manner.” Additionally, the pact encourages nations to triple the amount of renewable energy in use and to slash methane emissions by 2030.

This year, Dubai, UAE, hosted COP28.  COP29 will be in Azerbaijan in November 2024.