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Commercial Space Heating Needs

Similar to residential buildings, space heating is the most energy intensive application in the majority of commercial buildings too. In the U.S., space heating accounts for 32% of all energy consumed by commercial structures. Unsurprisingly, this figure rises to more than 40% in the Midwest and Northeast, both of which have cold climates. Nationally, 7% of all commercial buildings rely on propane to meet their space heating needs. Notably, across the New England Census Division, this number jumps threefold to 22%. And the gallon size of a typical commercial account is, on average, much higher than a residential one.

Across the country, we still have commercial buildings that burn wood, coal or fuel oil to help meet their energy needs, despite the negative impacts these fuels have on local air quality and the global climate. These businesses are located beyond the reach of natural gas infrastructure and are prime targets for LP marketers. Restaurants, of course, are included in this group. And if your company provides propane for a restaurant’s commercial kitchen, but does not provide fuel for their furnace or boiler, that is certainly something to engage them on.

More information on the energy needs of commercial buildings is available from the Energy Information Administration here. For additional materials on commercial propane applications, visit the Commercial Buildings & Construction section on PERC’s website.

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