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C2N Sensors: A New Development in Propane Gas Monitoring

NPGA is keeping an eye on an emerging technology: C2N sensors. Highlighted in a recent study, these sensors represent a new approach to detecting propane gases and could have interesting applications in the future. C2N (carbon-conjugated two-dimensional nitrogenated graphene) sensors offer enhanced sensitivity to propane and have the potential to detect lower levels of gas, which could be crucial in early leak detection. These sensors also have the ability to distinguish propane from other gases, a feature that could reduce false alarms and increase detection accuracy.

C2N sensors appear to be durable and cost-effective, suggesting they could be suitable for continuous long-term use in various environments, from industrial sites to residential areas. NPGA will continue to monitor the real-world applicability and use for the propane industry.

For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of Codes & Standards Alex Smith.