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Bring the Heat – to Ukraine

Bottom Line: You can help. There is an immediate need for propane fueled emergency power and heating supplies in Ukraine. Much of Ukraine’s heating, power, and water infrastructure has been destroyed by the Russians and it is cold; the average high temperature in the winter is 320F. Mr. Vitalii Tarasiuk, Consul General of Ukraine, has indicated “there is a need for propane fueled heating and power generation equipment.”

The good news, “LPG is widely available in Ukraine. Many cars run on LPG. Every gas station in Ukraine sells LPG,” according to Assistant Consul General Mr. Andrii Protsan. The use of propane in Ukraine this winter will make a difference. For some, this will be a life and death difference. It is energy choice in action and a wonderful opportunity to show the world the real value of clean burning, reliable propane.

What is Needed:

Estimates are for as many as 25,000 generators and 300,000 portable indoor heating units.  If propane fueled generators are available, they should support an output voltage of 220 V A/C.

Who Should You Contact:

Mr. Andrii Protsan, Assistant to Consul General
[email protected]