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Benchmarking in Baltimore a Success

Bottom line:  Companies who are looking to stay competitive and grow their business should join NPGA’s Benchmarking Council.

Members of the Benchmarking Council met in Baltimore, Maryland and discussed best practices within the propane industry. During the meeting, members talked about a range of topics, including human resources solutions, gallon growth opportunities, and ways to stay competitive in an evolving energy landscape.

During lunch Jason Buetow, of Rural Computer Consultants, gave a presentation on cybersecurity and the need for companies to better protect themselves against bad actors online.

The Benchmarking Council provides opportunities for propane marketers to compare business practices with other marketers.  Over 110 marketers from the across the country are members and new members are currently being accepted for all groups. The next Council meeting is scheduled for November 3-4 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  To join or for more information, contact NPGA’s Eric Sears.

Thank you to the sponsors of the Benchmarking Council: Bergquist Inc., Rural Computer Consultants, and Cetane Associates.