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Become a Propane Advisor

Help the future generation of HVAC and Plumber technicians be confident with propane-powered appliances by helping to implement a propane-specific curriculum into their classrooms. Through the Technical School Grant Program, qualifying schools can receive up to $10,000 to install propane appliances in their lab, and learn the propane-specific curriculum, HVAC and Plumber Technical Training.

The program requires each recipient to have a Propane Advisor — someone to make sure the appliances and equipment are installed correctly and to offer their unique perspectives to help educate students about propane applications and career opportunities in propane. Get involved today and reach out to a school near you!

For more information on the requirements of being a Propane Advisor, explore the Participant Commitment tab on the Technical School Grant Program page.

Questions?  Please contact Elena Bennett at PERC.