Acadia National Park: 20 Years of Propane

Since 1999, Maine’s Acadia National Park has provided free and convenient transportation through the propane-powered Island Explorer Bus System. The Island Explorer takes millions of passengers to the attractions within the park and the surrounding community each year — all within a very fragile and delicate ecosystem. When officials began the transit system, they felt it was important to operate with a clean fuel, and propane autogas was the clear choice because of its clean, safe, reliable, and proven benefits. Plus, the 18,000 gallon refueling tank came with a building Acadia was leasing from the state of Maine at no cost to the fleet.

In 2019, the Island Explorer celebrated 20 years of service with the addition of 21 new propane-powered buses into the fleet. When the park first opened, the Island Explorer had just eight buses. But with this new addition, the fleet is now 35 vehicles strong to meet the growing demands of one of America’s busiest national parks. The reduced emissions of propane autogas have minimized the environmental impact of the buses on Acadia’s guests, animals, and plants — all while making the park more accessible for visitors every year.

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