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2022 Election Overview – Statehouses

Bottom line: NPGA will continue to collaborate with our state partners to advance the interests of the propane industry as we navigate new state legislative landscapes in 2023.  See the Statehouse power map here.  With the exception of Alaska, the results of the 2022 state legislative elections have been finalized. Beginning next year, Democrats will have complete control of statehouses in 19 states and the District of Columbia; Republicans will have total control of 28 statehouses. Pennsylvania and Virginia will have split control, with Democrats controlling one chamber and Republicans the other.

More than half of all legislatures will have a veto-power majority, greatly reducing the power of governors to exert influence over the legislative process. And 10 states will have split state control, which means the governor is of a different political party than the party that enjoys a majority in at least one chamber of the state legislature.

For more information or questions on the political landscape of states following the 2022 election cycle, please contact NPGA’s Jacob Peterson.