Propane Community: Preventative Practices

*DISCLAIMER*: This resource is provided solely for informational purposes based on the voluntary sharing of practices of some propane companies that are responding to COVID-19. It is not to be construed as legal advice or legal guidance. NPGA expressly disclaims any liability associated with the accuracy or content of the information presented herein. Users should consult government resources for the most complete and current information pertaining to COVID-19 or contact an attorney for any specific advice.

Customer Service.  Members share approaches and practices to continue customer service through the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • Our offices are open during regular business hours, but we ask customers to consider contacting us by telephone, email, or mail as a precautionary measure to help limit the potential for transmission of COVID-19.
  • We are adhering to the advice to practice “social distancing” so while standard propane deliveries will continue as usual, we are limiting certain activities at our district locations to protect our customers, employees and the public.
  • Our offices are closed to walk-ins, and we have emailed or mailed customers notices requesting that they call with any questions or use our website.
  • We’re recommending our customers use online accounts to pay invoices, request deliveries, or submit questions.
  • We are leaving delivery slips in mailboxes and technicians are wearing PPE throughout their routes. We sanitize the PPE at the start and end of every shift.

Workplace Environment. Members share approaches and practices to cleanliness and mitigate potential exposure to COVID-19.

  • Before we enter a home to perform a safety check, we ask the residents if anyone who has been in the house has a fever, or has been in contact with anyone with suspected exposure to COVID-19. If they answer no, we sanitize the area before entering and wear PPE for the safety check.
  • We’re requiring employees to wash hands frequently, including after each customer transaction.
  • We disinfect office workspaces, vehicles, and tools each day.
  • We ask everyone who enters our offices or storage facilities to complete a questionnaire with questions on potential exposure; even our contractors and inspection personnel.

Employees. Members share approaches and practices to share information, resources, and company policies with employees regarding COVID-19.

  • We shared our contingency plans with Division Managers for them to discuss with our employees. Our plans use defined phases based on the outbreak and list actions that we may take at each service area, depending on the impact.
  • We shared customer FAQs with employees.
  • We asked employees to avoid large gatherings and any unnecessary commercial travel.