Apprenticeship Types

NPGA offers four types of apprenticeships that fall within two job classifications:  propane service technician and commercial motor vehicle driver.

  • Propane service technicians includes piping and appliance installers
  • Commercial motor vehicle driver includes three separate driver programs within this classification:
    • Bobtail Vehicle Driver (for short-haul delivery vehicles)
    • Transport Vehicle Driver (for long-haul delivery vehicles)
    • Utility/Service Vehicle Driver (light truck or delivery service vehicles)


NPGA’s apprenticeships are competency-based, which means an individual must learn and demonstrate that he or she fully understands and can perform the on-the-job tasks clearly and properly.  Each program has a number of core competencies where each competency has one or more educational lessons associated with it.  These lessons can be found in PERC’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP).