NPGA Business Councils

What Are They?
NPGA Business Councils provide a mechanism for companies
that wish to conduct advocacy, research and other activities on specific topics or areas of interest to the public and the propane gas industry. Generally, councils are formed around issues which are of concern to only one segment of the membership but not to all. This allows pursuit of their activities under the NPGA umbrella without expenditure of NPGA general revenues. Councils are funded by voluntary subscription and operate under the auspices of NPGA with oversight by the Executive Committee. Participation is open to all NPGA members and may include non-members, if desired by the council organizers. Councils are established and permitted to operate under the auspices of NPGA according to terms agreed to by the participants of the council and the NPGA Executive Committee. The following principles govern all councils.

  1. A council may develop its own strategies and positions on issues, may engage in research, and may take actions without prior notice to or approval by NPGA, provided the activities are consistent with standing policies and procedures.

  2. NPGA offers full administrative services to any council including record keeping, file retention, mailing services, and financial services.  If the council contracts with another source for these services, and is not separately incorporated, periodic reports on its activities and finances will be required to be made to the NPGA Executive Committee to satisfy their fiduciary obligations.

  3. The relationship between NPGA and a council may be dissolved by either party at any time, subject to notification.  Upon dissolution, the council may elect to operate separate from NPGA, or may discontinue its activities. 

How is a Council Created?
To establish a council, the organizers need to agree upon a mission and activities and how they will be funded.  A proposal is then made to the Executive Committee to form a council.  In deciding whether to authorize the establishment of the council, the Executive Committee will consider such factors as:

  • the number of NPGA members involved, 
  • whether the council's objectives should be budgeted as an NPGA activity,
  • whether the council's proposed positions and policies are compatible with NPGA established positions, and
  • the extent to which the council will focus on developing new markets or new industry activities.

NPGA Business Councils




Delivering Value Through Advocacy.