Become an NPGA CETP Proctor

NPGA registered Proctors are responsible for the security and administration of NPGA CETP Certification exams.

The main Proctor responsibilities are:

  • Exam security
  • Supervising exam candidates at all times
  • Maintaining the best possible conditions for testing
  • Ensuring the safety of all candidates and test personnel
  • And conducting the test efficiently in a standardized manner
NPGA Registered Proctors must complete the following:
  • Pay a fee of $75 US for 3 years
  • Review all training modules prior to accessing Proctor exam
  • Pass the Proctor exam
Upon successful completion of the Proctor exam, a Proctor ID and password will be issued. Your Proctor ID and password will allow you to order exams and administer NPGA CETP Certification exams.
The procedures for becoming a NPGA CETP Proctor are described in the Frequently Asked Questions for CETP Proctors.



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