Benchmarking Council

The NPGA Benchmarking Council provides opportunities for propane marketers to search for new ideas by comparing business practices with other marketers who share the same challenges. Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you can benefit from engaging in benchmarking activities.

  1. Is there anything I don't know about how to run a propane business effectively?
  2. Does anyone else in the propane business do anything better than I do?
  3. Am I interested in new ideas to improve my business practices?

If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, chances are the Benchmarking Council can help you just as it has helped many other members.

Organization: The Council is governed by a Steering Committee of seven members elected annually by Council members. Administrative and management services are provided by the National Propane Gas Association.

Council Activities
Current activities of the Council are centered around service to propane marketers by providing them with opportunities to learn from fellow marketers about all aspects of the retail propane business. This is accomplished by conducting 11/2 day discussion sessions among participants led by trained meeting facilitators familiar with the propane industry.

 A comprehensive workbook is provided to stimulate thought and focus discussions. The discussion sessions are held three times per year (January, May and September), are in small groups and are constructed so that participants within each group do not compete directly in the marketplace. Topics for discussion are decided upon by members of each small group and may include any aspect of the business from personnel matters to bulk truck configuration.

All Benchmarking Council activities are conducted in conformance with a common Code of Conduct adopted by the American Productivity and Quality Center and the Strategic Planning Institute Council on Benchmarking. This Code of Conduct covers nine principles, including assurances of confidentiality and avoidance of discussions which could be illegal.

Why Should I Join?
To get new ideas which will lead to increased profitability of your propane business! Read on to find out what some participants are saying about the sessions!

"The Council has enabled me to look at the problems and challenges I have experienced with the help of my peers. There is no other industry-specific venue that can afford me this kind of luxury without a concern that the information I reveal will be used competitively against my company. The Council allows the large and small marketer to see how others have addressed similar issues and what solutions other minds have developed. I have found the experience extremely rewarding. Open discussions about real world issues have helped me to look at the larger picture which has enabled me to provide a better grade of service to my customers and a better place for my employees." ~David Gable, Hocon Gas Inc.; South Norwalk, CT

"My first meeting I profited greatly from the ideas and methods exchanged, financially and professionally. The Council is well worth the investment and you can't afford to not be involved. It's like having a dozen well-paid consultants. Discussions are open, honest, and straightforward. Sometimes you hear what you don't want to hear, but need to hear." ~Tim Johnson, Propane Plus Corp.; Rehobeth, MA

Membership Dues
Membership dues are currently $1,000.00 per year (per person). The dues cover the workbook, facilitator fees and expenses, meeting costs (including a luncheon, reception and breaks) and administrative expenses.

How Do I Join?
Contact Lesley Garland,






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