Propane Days 2012

This year's Propane Days takes place June 4-6, 2012 in Washington, DC and the timing is perfect to advance our agenda in a number of important ways. We need to seize this opportunity to describe why propane should play a major role in America's energy future.

The remainder of the 112th Congress will address many items having an impact on our industry. Below are overviews of the issues at the top of our list of priorities.

  • Tax Extenders: NPGA is pushing hard to gain enactment of the Propane GAS Act, which would extend the alternative fuel, vehicle, and refueling infrastructure tax credits for five years.  As an alternative, we are also seeking to convince Congress to extend these tax credits for 2012.  We need to make sure that all alternative fuels have parity with the tax code.
  • Pipeline Advocacy: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) administers a policy of "light handed regulation" of pipelines transporting propane, which means that the agency is much less aggressive in its oversight compared with the electricity or natural gas sectors.  Considering the importance of the pipeline infrastructure to the competitiveness of propane, NPGA believes that it is time to replace light handed regulation with more assertive federal oversight of regulated pipelines.
  • Estate Tax: NPGA strongly supports a permanent estate tax policy of complete repeal as contemplated by several legislative proposals in the House and Senate.  If full repeal is not possible given the current political environment, NPGA supports an extension of the 2011/2012 estate tax framework that provides an exemption of $5 million per spouse, indexes the exemption for inflation (making the exemption $5.12 million in 2012), and puts in place a maximum federal estate tax rate of 35 percent for estates that are still subject to tax.
  • Parity in DOE Energy Research and Development Programs: NPGA is seeking parity with natural gas and other alternative fuels in Department of Energy (DOE) programs applicable to alternative fuels. There are some existing programs within DOE that while including other alternative fuels, at the same time are excluding propane.

Webinars providing you with an overview of the issues, the current political situation, and guidance on how best to use your time with legislators and their staffs are taking place next Wednesday and Thursday. Select one of the links below to participate in an online session:

If you haven't registered for Propane Days yet, join the hundreds of fellow members and have our industry's voice heard on Capitol Hill. Click here to register before May 25, 2012 and receive the discounted registration rate. Your company can also support the association's legislative initiatives by becoming an official sponsor of Propane Days. For complete details visit



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