Enterprise Products Partners Updates Status of TEPPCO Pipeline Repairs

NPGA received an update today from Enterprise Products Partners regarding the status of TEPPCO pipeline repairs:

“Enterprise Products Partners has completed the process of purging the remaining liquids and vapors from its 8-inch Enterprise TE Products propane pipeline, which has been emptied of product and nitrogen between Watkins Glen and Selkirk. The company is currently working with the federal Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) on the details of the hydrostatic test, which will involve injecting water at high pressure to confirm the integrity of the pipeline.

Upon receiving PHMSA approval to proceed with the hydrostatic testing, completion of the hydrostatic testing, and any necessary remediation under the oversight and approval of federal regulators, Enterprise will begin the process of bringing each segment back into service.

Based on our best estimate, Enterprise forecasts that the Harford Mills terminal will return to service the week of November 8, 2010, followed by the Oneonta terminal the week of November 29, 2010 and the Selkirk terminal the week of December 20, 2010.

Please note that this forecast is an estimate and is subject to successful hydrostatic testing, compliance with the corrective action order and final federal approval.”



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