CETP Skills Assessments

The purpose of the Skills Assessment is to combine two important aspects of the CETP Certification process:

  • Provide structured on-the-job training for the LP-Gas employee under the direction of an experienced and qualified skills evaluator
  • Standardize conditions under which the employee demonstrates his/her performance of tasks that meet the requirements of the Certified Employee Training Program.

The Skills Assessment is designed to document the employee’s on-the-job training experience and ability to perform job related tasks. Once the candidate has passed the CETP Certification exam, they should review the Skills Assessment instructions with a qualified skills evaluator. 

Who is a Skills Evaluator?
A Skills Evaluator may be a propane company manager or supervisor, or a contracted training consultant. All Skills Evaluators should meet the following criteria:

  • Have an understanding of the CETP instructional material and the proper procedures for performing the tasks listed in the skills assessment evaluation packet
  • Be familiar with the propane company’s policies and procedures
  • Have the ability to direct the candidate in describing each task as it is performed
  • Have the ability to ask candidates leading questions involving difficult operating conditions or abnormal scenarios, and use methods to
    ensure the candidate can demonstrate required skills and applied knowledge criteria on the job
  • Ensure the candidate properly applies company-required safety measures while performing the skills
  • Understand which of the skills are designated as optional and which are not required (N/A) under the candidate’s job description and duties
  • Complete the documentation of the skills assessment, to include signing the affidavit form, making a copy of Section IV: CETP Performance Evaluation/Employer Record for the employee file, and then mailing the originals to the testing center below - within 12 months of passing the exam.


Industrial Training Services, Inc.
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The following Skills Assessments are available for download – please discard older versions and ensure you are using the most up to date version:

Current CETP Certification Skills Assessments

Delivery Group

Plant Operations

Vapor Distribution Suite


Additional Skills Assessments

              *2.3, 2.5, 3.7, and 7.0 were removed as CETP Certifications in 2014

Candidates who do not return completed Skills Assessments within 12 months of passing their exam must retake and pass the exam at full cost. Notifications for new or revised Skill Assessments will be published on this website and candidates are encouraged to check the site frequently.

For employee certification, Section IV: CETP Performance Evaluation/Employee Record must be received at the testing center within 12 months of passing the certification exam. Make a copy for the training records and send the original to the testing center below:

Industrial Training Services (ITS)
Janet Arnold
310 CC Lowry Drive
Murray, KY 42071
Email: jarnold@its-training.com   Phone: 270-753-2150, ext.2    Fax: 270-753-9807




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