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This application must be completed by anyone seeking to be considered for a seat on the governing body of the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC). The Propane Education and Research Act of 1996 (PERA) calls for the establishment of a 21-person governing Council consisting of nine marketers appointed by NPGA, nine producers appointed by the Gas Processors Association (GPA), and three public members appointed jointly. In order to ensure an open process which is broad-based and allows an equal opportunity for any qualified marketer to serve on the Council, whether or not a member of NPGA, the NPGA Board of Directors has approved a procedure for selection of nominees by an independent committee based on each candidate’s personal qualifications and experience.

The law stipulates that retail marketer members of the Council must be representative of the industry including:

  • representation from interstate and intrastate operators;
  • representation of large and small companies, including agricultural cooperatives; and,
  • representation of diverse geographic regions of the country.

Applicants for a PERC Council Seat should also be aware of the following provisions of the law:

  1. Except for the public members, all Council members shall be full-time employees or owners of businesses in the industry or representatives of agricultural cooperatives.
  2. No employee of a qualified industry organization or other industry trade association shall serve as a member.
  3. No member shall serve concurrently as an officer of the Board of a qualified industry organization or other industry trade association (state or national).
  4. Only one person at a time from any company or its affiliate may serve on the Council.
  5. Public members may be reimbursed for their expenses while serving on the Council; however, other members may not receive reimbursement, and no Council member shall receive compensation for service.
  6. Council members shall serve 3-year terms and may serve not more than 2 full consecutive

In addition to the statutory requirements, the Selection Committee will also consider the following factors. Failure to possess one or more of these qualities will not, in itself, be determinative; however, the more applicants who can demonstrate they possess these characteristics, the more likely it is they will be selected. Successful candidates should:

  • Possess a broad-based market development orientation.
  • Be active in national and/or state associations.
  • Be interested in and supportive of the PERC concept.
  • Have industry experience.
  • Possess a broad, global view of the industry.
  • Have the ability and willingness to participate.
  • Be a visionary and have a future view of the industry.

Each year, the NPGA Chair will appoint a PERC Selection Committee which will review all applications submitted and recommend nominees to the NPGA Board for approval. No member of the Selection Committee may be considered for a Council seat. This PERC Selection Committee will consist of nine members as follows:

  • The four NPGA officers (Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice Chair, and Treasurer). The NPGA Vice Chair shall be Chair of the Selection Committee. (Association officers are ineligible for service on the Council.)
  • The Chair of the NPGA Marketers Section.
  • Two representatives from the Marketers Section: one interstate and one intrastate
  • Two members at large appointed by the Chair.

If an applicant is not the owner/operator of his business, you must certify that your company’s senior management is aware you have made an application for appointment and that you have approval to serve if selected.

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