2022 NPGA Dues

2022 Dues Increase

At NPGA’s Board of Directors Meeting June 8, Board members approved a dues increase for 2022, the first increase in six years. NPGA is increasing dues to fight the electrification movement on all fronts and continue funding state engagement programs. A Dues Task Force, with representative from all association sectors, wrestled with changes to the dues structure, increases to the dues, and adding new member types.

Dues Task Force Members
Interstate Marketers: Michelle Bimson Maggi, Randy Thompson
Intrastate Marketer: Gary France
Manufacturer: Lynn Hardin
Propane Wholesaler: DD Alexander
State Executive: Derek Dalling
NPGA: Steve Kaminiski
Additional input: Consultant, NPGA Executive Committee, State & Regional Executives

Marketer increases are an average of 10.75%, less than 2% per year since last increasing dues 6 years ago. Non-marketer dues will increase by an average of 8% in 2022 and 13% by 2025 after a grandfathering period for certain former Supplier 2 members. International members and Individual Retired members will also see an increase. For full information, please refer to the FAQ document.

Marketer Dues Comparison
2021 Dues 2022 Dues Increase
0 – 2 bulk plants or HQ $498 $550 $52
3 – 5 bulk plants
(additional combined price)
$768 ($498 + $270) $850 ($550 + $300) $82
6+ bulk plants $768 + $256 per additional bulk plant $850 + $285 per additional bulk plant $29 per additional bulk plant

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