2014 Membership Dues

Dues are paid by marketers directly to the state association for both NPGA and the state, with membership benefits received from both associations. Suppliers must join NPGA directly. Review the 2014 Memebership Categories and Dues for complete details.

Marketer Dues

The NPGA Board of Directors unanimously approved the creation of a Marketer Dues Task Force. The mission and scope of the task force was to recommend changes to the marketer dues structure that would be proportionately equitable and would allow the association to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the NPGA Strategic Plan. The Board and Executive Committee also realized that a looming issue for the association and its state association partners was the rapid consolidation in the number of traditional “retail locations,” which was the historic basis for assessing marketer dues.

The task force concluded its work and presented its consensus recommendations to the NPGA Executive Committee in August 2006. After reviewing the task force’s thorough study, the committee unanimously approved the recommendations and forwarded them to the Board of Directors for final approval.  The Board approved the new dues structure at its fall meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

The most significant change calls for NPGA to begin assessing dues on the basis of “bulk plants” as defined and approved by the Board of Directors. Under the previous method, dues were assessed on the total number of “retail locations.” “Bulk plants” were chosen as the preferred method because (1) the standards are clear and widely understood and accepted in our industry and (2) “bulk plants” are less susceptible to the type of consolidation that is dramatically affecting the traditional “retail location.”

Annual Dues Will Now be $483 for Most Marketers
Annual dues for the vast majority of NPGA marketer members (78%) now will be $483. This is still a tremendous value given the number of recent policy victories NPGA has achieved that directly benefit our member businesses.



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