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NPGF Scholarship logoThink about the child of an industry employee who is a deserving student, yet probably won’t be able to get an education beyond high school because the family lacks the necessary funds.  What a waste of a bright young mind.  Don’t you agree that we should do something about it? 

We believe that you do agree.  We also hope you will join forces by making a donation to the industry’s Scholarship Fund.

The following donation categories are available: 

Platinum:  Companies and state associations who contribute $50,000 to the fund are designated Platinum Donors and as such ensure that one or more scholarships totaling $2,000 will be reserved for the child of one of their employees who is otherwise qualified.  Platinum donors can name their scholarship in their company name, state name or the name of an individual.

Platinum Plus:  Gives existing Platinum donors an opportunity to establish an additional scholarship for each additional donation of $25,000. 

Diamond:  Diamond Donors are companies that contribute $50,000 or more but do not have a scholarship reserved for an employee’s child. 

Gold:  Gold Donors ($25,000 - $49,999) may name an at-large scholarship in their company’s name, an association, or the name of an individual. 

Silver: Silver Donors ($10,000 - $24,999) also receive special recognition. 

Patron: Patron Donors ($1,000 - $9,999) also receive special recognition. 



Want Your Propane Business to Deliver Better Results? Share Delivering Results with your employees.  The columns in this book are the “best of the best” from the more than 100 articles written by Carl Hughes for his LP Gas Magazine’s “Business Matters” column.  You can’t go wrong: By giving your team members this book, you’ll not only be sharing many of the tools necessary to succeed in your business, you’ll also be supporting an important industry organization since 100 percent of book sales benefit the NPGF Scholarship Fund.

“This book is a must for every owner and manager of an LP gas company!” - Keith McMahan Tri-Gas Oil Co., Inc., Former NPGA Chairman. 

To place your order, visit (Book cost: $25 plus $4.95 shipping).  Or contact Joanne Casey at 202-355-1328.


Contributions in any amount are welcome.

The National Propane Gas Foundation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Propane Gas Association and is organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

A list of donors can be found on the main NPGF Scholarship Fund Webpage.

Scholarship Foundation Donation Form
Click above to obtain a printable donation form. (Adobe PDF)

Click above to obtain a printable donation form. (Adobe PDF)

By becoming a Corporate Partner you will add to the Fund in support of our efforts to defray the costs associated with administrative items such as processing and evaluating applications, legal and auditing expenses and investment management services. We are an efficient administrative operation with a program designed to reserve and grow the investment funds to maximize the scholarship awards.

Please consider including NPGG/SF in your estate planning

Click above to obtain a printable donation form. (Adobe PDF)


    2017 Silent Auction in San Antonio!  We are looking to have this event Texas Big.  Click below for our donation form   and suggestion sheet. 

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