Cylinder Exchange Council

The NPGA Cylinder Exchange Council operates as a business council within NPGA and is comprised of dues-paying members who actively participate or are interested in the propane cylinder exchange segment of the industry. The Council is primarily concerned with the laws and regulations that directly affect operations and has taken action in the past to develop solutions to issues that have arisen in the codes and standards that directly affected their businesses.

Annual dues are split into two categories, Marketers and Vendors/Suppliers. The dues are as follows:

Number of Cabinets Annual Dues
>10,000  $1,000
1,001 to 10,000  $500
1 to 1,000  $250
 Vendors and Suppliers

Rules and Procedures for the Cylinder Exchange Council

1.0 Purpose

1. To provide a forum for interested individuals or companies to discuss issues, both local and national in scope, affecting the propane industry which are especially pertinent to the operation of propane cylinder exchange businesses.

2. To achieve consensus on how best to address such issues.

3. To explore and develop safer methods for conducting propane cylinder exchange businesses.

4. To lobby governmental agencies and standards writing organizations to achieve favorable actions on issues related to the cylinder exchange segment of the propane industry.

5. To engage in public communication and consumer awareness efforts to reduce the number of incidents related to the unsafe use of propane.

1.0 Membership

1.1 Membership on the Cylinder Exchange Council is open to any individual or company that is a member of the NPGA and which supports the purposes of the Council as set forth above.

1.2 Membership is open to propane marketers, propane producers/pipeline operators, manufacturers/distributors and service providers. Voting rights shall be determined by company affiliation under Section 1.3.

1.3 Individual companies, including subsidiaries, may not have more than one voting member on the Council.

2.0 Funding

2.1 Dues may be adjusted by the Steering Committee of the Council.

3.0 Governance and Staffing

3.1 A Steering Committee shall be elected from among the Council members. The Steering Committee shall be comprised of five six members including at least three marketers and two suppliers. The terms of service on the Steering Committee shall be evenly staggered from one to three years. Terms shall begin on April 1 and end on March 30 of the following year.

3.2 The Steering Committee shall elect one of its members to serve as Council Chairman for a period of one year.

3.3 The Chairman shall appoint committees and/or task groups to perform specific functions,as needed.

3.4 The NPGA will provide a staff manager whose role will be to provide financial and administrative management for the Council, including scheduling, attending and keeping records of all Council meetings, collecting and disbursing Council funds, and managing contracts and service providers. Other duties may be assigned by mutual agreement.

3.5 The Council will be charged for all direct expenses for Council activities and will be assessed charges for overhead.

3.6 Any disbursements of Council funds shall be approved by the Chairman of the Council.

4.0 Meetings

4.1 Meetings of the Cylinder Exchange Council are open to the general public.

4.2 Meetings shall be conducted by the Chairman of the Council using Robert's Rules of Order.

5.0 Relationship to the NPGA

5.1 The Council may develop its own strategies and engage in various actions without prior notice to or approval by the NPGA as long as those activities are consistent with the NPGA's standing policies and procedures. All activities shall be reported to the NPGA through the NPGA Executive Vice President. If new or differing policies and procedures are proposed which are not addressed by the NPGA, then the NPGA staff, Executive Committee and Board of Directors will expeditiously review the issues and communicate the NPGA position to the Council.

6.0 Dissolution

6.1 The relationship between NPGA and the Council may be dissolved by either party at any time, subject to notification. Upon dissolution, the Council may elect to continue to operate separately from the NPGA or may discontinue activities altogether.

For more information, e-mail NPGA's Bruce Swiecicki or give him a call at 815-806-9035.



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