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DOT Halts 10-Year Cylinder Requalification Enforcement Pending Further Review

(March 17, 2017) PHMSA will allow either a 12 or 10 year requalification period for volumetric expansion testing while the agency reviews NPGA's Petition to return the cylinder requalification period to 12 years.  A copy of the Enforcement Notification is available through the membership portal of the NPGA website.     READ MORE

Propane Prominent at 2017 Energy Independence Summit

WASHINGTON, DC (February 13, 2017) -- Today, Phil Squair, NPGA’s Senior Vice President of Public and Governmental Affairs, addressed more than 100 attendees of the 2017 of the Energy Independence Summit.  The annual event brings together alternative fuel industry leaders from across the country to advocate for policies that will increase the use of propane, and other alternative fuels, across the United States. During a panel discussion highlighting the clean transportation policy accomplishments in 2016 and the Congressional outlook for 2017 Squair said, “There are great opportunities for propane and other alternative fuels in the new Administration.  Specifically, lessening the regulatory burden and decreasing corporate taxes will help us grow alternative fuel use during the next decade.”   Nationally, propane employs about 80,000 people in primarily locally owned and independent businesses.  Additionally, propane is a major contributor to the energy security of the United States.  Enough propane is now produced in North America to satisfy all United States propane demand.    READ MORE

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