2011 CETP Proctor Training is Now OPEN

NPGA's Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) Proctor Training is now open. All currently active proctor passwords will expire on April 30, 2011. Proctors must participate in the 2011 Proctor Training and pass the exam in order to obtain a new password.

All proctors, whether new or returning, must now pay an annual fee of $50, complete the online training, and then pass the online exam before being issued a NPGA CETP Proctor ID and password. The $50 fee will be charged prior to accessing the training process through the NPGA CETP Certification Online Database.

Proctors should note several changes once they've logged into and clicked on "New Proctor"  or "Returning Proctor" (depending on their clasification). To login:

  • Enter your proctor email address
  • Enter your proctor password (enter numbers only) 
  • Read and accept the security agreement
  • Update your email address when paying for the Proctor exam and enter your voucher number (Visa, MasterCard, Amex - receipt is automatically generated and sent to the proctor email)
  • Review all training modules - required to access the exam
  • Take and pass the proctor exam
Once proctors have taken and passed the exam, they will be given a proctor ID and password to use when proctoring online exams and ordering paper-and-pencil exams. They will also be given the contact information for technical support throughout the year. Proctors should be sure to print this page for their records.
Please contact Jacque McCracken at if you need any further information about this or other NPGA CETP Certification activities. Proctors who may have forgotten their proctor password from last year may also contact Jacque.



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