NPGA Weighs in with CPSC on Odorization Issue

In two separate letters written to the Consumer Product Safety Commission over the last week, NPGA has pushed several proposals to minimize the impact of any order responding to recent reports of under-odorized propane. On October 15, NPGA stated that “Prior to deciding on a final course of action, [CPSC should] confer with Fire Marshals and other appropriate officials at the state level who have already imposed comprehensive field testing procedures.” Such a course of action would be highly desirable as a means to learn from experiences gained to date, as well as “gain a better understanding of the supply infrastructures and delivery profiles that exist in the various affected states.”

Earlier today, NPGA delivered a second letter to CPSC offering technical support to help address any unresolved questions or concerns. The industry “can provide access to industry members with significant experience in odorization issues.” The letter also urged CPSC to craft any compliance order to minimize the impact on marketers and consumers not otherwise involved in the issue. NPGA recommended a certification process through which companies not receiving propane through the affected supply/delivery chain could be exempted from further action. Finally, NPGA urged “that any future CPSC directives or orders should be limited to those states not already subject to comprehensive testing requirements by state officials.”

NPGA remains in close contact with CPSC officials on this issue and will report further as developments warrant.



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