CETP Certification Exams

CETP Certification Exams

NPGA is fortunate to have an outstanding test processing center supporting the CETP Certification Program.  Industrial Training Services (ITS) of Murray, KY has worked with NPGA since the inception of the CETP program, and will continue to provide a seamless testing environment for propane employees and employers alike.

Industrial Training Services (ITS) of Murray, KY will now provide all CETP Certification database management and exam support for the CETP Certification Program.

Candidates may choose a testing media that suits their needs – paper-based or online – knowing the testing content remains the same, no matter the method chosen, and will now return all completed skills assessments to one test processing center:

Industrial Training Services, Inc.
310 C.C. Lowry Drive
Murray, KY 42071
PH: 270-753-2150 x 107
Fax: 270-753-9807

Exam Fees

CETP Certification exam fees are paid in advance, are valid for a one time use only, and valid for a limited period of time.

  • Paper-and-Pencil exams are currently (US) $85.00 ea. (Purchase by Proctor only) Proctors must keep in mind that each purchase order form is considered a “test group” and should contain only those exams that can be returned to the testing center within the CETP Certification policy rules of return. Use as many purchase order forms as necessary to accommodate multiple training and testing sessions.

Preparing for the Exam

Once you’ve studied your CETP training materials it’s time to prepare for the exam.

  • Candidates are asked to use the name on their government issued driver’s license and the last four digits of the social security number when registering CETP exams to ensure accuracy in record keeping.
  • Remember: CETP records are based on “last name and last four”
  • All CETP Certification Exams require an Active NPGA proctor – there are no exceptions to this policy
  • Candidates may not proctor their own exams
  • CETP Certification exams, both paper-based and online formats, have a 3-hour time limit

Candidate Policies

Take a few minutes to ensure you understand the following CETP Candidate policies prior to sitting for your exam:

All CETP Certification exams must be administered as closed-book exams with the exception of NFPA 58 and/or 54, as appropriate.

  • The only materials available to the candidate testing are NFPA 58 and/or 54 to be used as references for technical data that may be required for particular questions.
  • Candidates may be expelled from the testing session for any of the following:
    • attempting to take the test for someone else
    • giving or receiving assistance of any kind
    • using books (except NFPA 54 and 58)
    • using notes, papers, or recording devices of any kind
    • creating a disturbance
    • attempting to remove test materials or scratch paper from the testing room
    • failure to follow test administrator’s (Proctor’s) directions.



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