How to Complete Certification

What's the Difference Between CETP Training and Certification

In an effort to make the CETP Program accessible to a greater number of industry employees, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) purchased CETP from the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) in 2002. The ongoing partnership between PERC and NPGA continues to provide the necessary resources to maintain, update, develop and widely distribute training and certification materials to those who work in our industry.

The easiest way to remember the CETP Training and Certification relationship is:

  • PERC: develops, publishes and distributes CETP training materials and DVDs.
  • NPGA: manages the CETP Certification Program and develops the CETP exams and skills assessments.

Certification Process

Candidates should also be aware that an active NPGA registered Proctor is required for all CETP exams. Candidates may re-take one or more certifications, but will be charged a regular exam fee for each attempt. Additionally, upon successful completion of prerequisite(s), certification exam(s) and required skills assessment(s), each candidate is issued an NPGA Certification Certificate, uniform patch, and wallet card.

CETP Certification requires Candidates to meet the following criteria:

  1. Pass the Certification Area exam.
  2. Complete and return the required Skills Assessment to the testing center within 12 months of passing the exam.
  3. Complete any necessary prerequisites within 12 months of passing the exam.

Propane Resource Catalog

The Propane Resource Catalog includes a wide assortment of Safety and Training materials as well as all of the available CETP training materials and other safety and training items for purchase. To order your CETP Training materials from the catalog visit or call customer service at 866-905-1075.

CETP Certification Exams

Once you’ve studied your CETP training materials it’s time to prepare for the exam. Take a few minutes to review the following information prior to your exam.

CETP Skills Assesment

The purpose of the Skills Assessment is to combine two important aspects of the CETP Certification process:
  • Provide structured on-the-job training for the LP-Gas employee under the direction of an experienced and qualified skills evaluator
  • Standardize conditions under which the employee demonstrates his/her performance of tasks that meet the requirements of the Certified Employee Training Program.

Learn more about CETP Skills Assesments.

Locate CETP Training Classes and NPGA Proctors by contacting the State Propane Gas Association(s) in your area of operation.



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