Become an NPGA CETP Proctor

NPGA registered Proctors are responsible for the security and administration of NPGA CETP Certification exams.

The main Proctor responsibilities are:

  • Exam security
  • Supervising exam candidates at all times
  • Maintaining the best possible conditions for testing
  • Ensuring the safety of all candidates and test personnel
  • And conducting the test efficiently in a standardized manner
NPGA Registered Proctors must complete the following on an annual basis:
  • Pay an annual fee of $50 US
  • Review all training modules prior to accessing Proctor exam
  • Pass the Proctor exam
Upon successful completion of the Proctor exam, a Proctor ID number and password will be issued. Your Proctor ID number and password will allow you access to the online testing system to administer exams, as well as ordering paper-and-pencil exams.
The procedures for becoming a NPGA CETP Proctor are described in the Frequently Asked Questions for CETP Proctors.



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