NPGA Establishes Pipeline Advocacy Program

At its most recent meeting, NPGA’s Board of Directors approved the establishment of a program to ensure the industry is well-positioned in the future to influence decisions before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Although activities in this area have been underway in recent years, they had been undertaken with specific, limited scopes and objectives. NPGA has proven the value of this area of advocacy over the last 8 years, most clearly in the significant reductions in rates to ship propane on the Mid-America Pipeline system effective January 1, 2010. Other victories have resulted in reduced costs or other burdens related to the efficient shipment of propane. The goals of NPGA’s new advocacy program will include consistent participation in tariff-specific proposals; ongoing contact with FERC Commissioners; and analysis of possible legislative opportunities related to the propane pipeline infrastructure.



Delivering Value Through Advocacy.