Senate Majority Leader Signs on as Co-Sponsor to “Fueling America Act”

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, last week became a co-sponsor of S.1350 the Fueling America Act of 2009. This bill, originally introduced by Senators David Pryor (AR) and James Inhofe (OK) provide incentives for both propane and natural gas vehicles. Included in the bill is $30 million for research, development and demonstration projects to encourage the increased production of propane and natural gas vehicles. It also requires that the EPA streamline the certification of propane and natural gas aftermarket conversion systems that comply with Federal requirements and emission standards. A study is also required by the GSA to determine whether or not the Federal fleet should increase the number of propane and natural gas vehicles. In addition, it would increase the amount the EPA can pay for propane and natural gas school buses and it reauthorizes the Clean School Bus Program until 2014 at $75 million per year. The current alternative fuel infrastructure tax credit is also extended through 2014. Lastly, the incremental cost limits under the current alternative fuel vehicle tax credit are increased for propane and natural gas vehicles with the credit extending through 2014. The future of this bill is unclear, however discussions continue in Congress about the schedule for a lame duck session after the elections. Energy legislation continues to be listed as one of the possibilities for consideration during the lame duck. NPGA will continue its push to get this legislation enacted.



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