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Management CourageNow—in this national bestseller—Margaret Morford offers the high-impact, breakthrough solutions you need.  In seven eye-opening chapters that stand orthodox management on its head, Management Courage — Having the Heart of a Lion reveals how to become the manager you’ve always dreamed of becoming, the kind organizations dream of hiring — and for whom employees dream of working.  Brimming with colorful case studies, “Managers’ Mantras,” and other how-to helpers, Management Courage also features thought-provoking “Unsettling Questions” to help you get the most from Margaret’s personal coaching.

The Hidden Language of BusinessWhat is the real secret of advancing professionally? How can you avoid common missteps that condemn others to unsatisfying or not-fully-realized careers? In this breakthrough, career-boosting book, Margaret Morford puts the answer right in your hands. The secret, Margaret says, is to understand and apply the positive political skills that are “the hidden language of business.”  Chapter after chapter, Margaret reveals the 44 make-or-break rules of “positive politics” you must learn to maximize career advancement and avoid career-destroying land mines—all while keeping your soul intact.  By reading this book, you’ll gain exciting access to this hidden language—this inside intelligence—that is so crucial to successfully navigating your career path.  You’ll also gain Margaret’s razor-sharp insights into how to tell who has real power and influence in your organization . . . how to forge a better relationship with your boss . . .how to choose a great career mentor . . . how to engage in the right kind of career planning. . . and much more.

15 MINUTES INCLUDING Q & A: A Plan to Save the World from Lousy Presentations. Concise, interesting, and influential presentations are within your grasp with this paperback book by Joey Asher. 106 pages. (Companion to public speaking video posted on this site.)




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