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NPGA Chairman Stuart Weidie speaks to the members of the Women in Propane Council about the difference they can make in effectively leading the propane industry in the 21st century. Mr. Weidie gives practical suggestions on how you may get involved at the state and national levels. 

ACCEPT ONLY THE BEST: How to Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!

When you think about the best day of your life, what were the defining characteristics of that day? Chances are that day is linked to a unique experience, and one that does not resemble your day-to-day life. Listen as Jill Hopkins, Chair of NPGA’s Women in Propane Business Council, and CFO of Sheldon Gas Company, discusses using the resources you have available right now to create more “best days” in your career, in your business, and in your life. This keynote speech was presented at the 2014 Ray Murray Inc. Open House in Lee, MA. 

CUSTOMER CARE: Unleash the Power to Create a Competitive Advantage

This 60-minute video training provides valuable tools to deliver effective customer service and improve sales. The workshop focuses on four modules: 1) Making a great and lasting impression; 2) Greeting to engage; 3) Asking the right questions to determine the customer’s needs; and 4) Service selling—establishing the value in your product. Connect with your customers on a more personal level, and uncover their needs to better serve them. Originally presented at the Ray Murray Inc. Open House (Lee, MA, June 2014), by WIP leaders and expert trainers Kelly Bosak and Sarah Knight, this training has been presented live at the Bergquist Open House (Bowling Green, KY, August 2014), the Western Propane Convention (Reno, May 2015) and at the Mid-States Propane Convention (Kansas City, June 2015).

POWER OF MENTORING: Value People and Maximize Business Impact.

During the April 2014, NPGA Southeastern Convention and International Expo, WIP hosted a 75-minute session focused on the power of mentoring for not just the mentees but for mentors and our companies. Dr. Liz Selzer, an expert in the field of mentoring and CEO of the Mentor Leadership Team, is an engaging presenter and shares core facts about the reasons to consider mentoring for yourself or your employees. This video continues the conversation started the previous year and helps industry members grasp the true value of mentoring for a positive business impact.


Lori Wynne, a nationally-known fashion consultant, spoke with Speechworks' Marilyn Ringo for an hour on September 9, 2014, about how women can dress with leadership style. During the wide-ranging, hour-long program, Lori fielded dozens of questions related to women’s style and offered her thoughts on specific do’s and don’ts related to women presenting themselves as leaders.  Click here to view the full webinar.


During the September 2013, New York Propane Gas Association’s Fall Conference in Buffalo, New York, Nancy Coop, founding chair of the Women in Propane Council, addressed the conference.  Her speech focused on the advantages, including increased profits, that women leaders bring to the leadership team of any organization. Based on her research, Nancy shares concepts related to how the advancement of women in our businesses results in improved governance and profitability. Learn from this video how women and men think differently and why that benefits decision making in a business environment. 

MENTORING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Develop and Retain your best People.

During the May 2013, Western Propane Gas Convention in Reno, Nevada, WIP hosted a 90-minute session focused on the benefits of mentoring for all members of the workplace. Dr. Liz Selzer, an expert in the field of mentoring and CEO of the Mentor Leadership Team, is an engaging presenter and shares core facts about the reasons to consider mentoring for yourself or your employees. This video, combined with Dr. Selzer’s presentation slides, provides the backbone for an education in meaningful mentorship programs. 

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Effective Communication

During the April 2013, NPGA Expo, WIP hosted a 75-minute session that equipped participants with specific tools for more effective public speaking. Marilyn Ringo, a former CNN Headline News Anchor and current coach at Atlanta-based Speechworks, presents informatively and practices what she teaches. The video delivers valuable content that will be immediately beneficial to the way you communicate with your colleagues and business partners. In order to make the video available to all our members, we have posted it on Vimeo

ROUNDTABLE SPEAKERS: Focus on Mentoring. 

At the WIP annual meeting during the NPGA Expo in 2013, industry leaders presented inspiring 10-minute talks about the significance of mentors in their careers.
Introductory remarks by Jill Hopkins, Chair of the WIP business council -- Jill Hopkins (Sheldon Gas, CA) introduces Mentoring Event
Kelly Bosak, Ferrellgas -- Kelly Bosak (Ferrellgas) on Mentoring
Laurie Irish, Irish Propane -- Laurie Irish (Irish Propane, NY) on Mentoring
Jane Stroupe, AmeriGas -- Jane Stroupe (AmeriGas) on Mentoring



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