Women in Propane Council 

The Women in Propane Council was established to provide positive opportunities for all members of our industry to support the advancement and success of women in every scope of business operation and professional development. The Council was founded in January 2012, and is governed by an Executive Board (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Past Chair, and Founding Chair). Adopted by-laws define the organizational structure and opportunity for membership and involvement. Click here to view the Bylaws

The Women in Propane Council provides all industry members the opportunity to advance their careers through professional development programs. 

  • Are you interested in improving your leadership skills?
  • Are you in a position to promote someone with potential?
  • Are you a man or woman who has the capacity to mentor someone who wants to develop skills and move ahead?
  • Do you support the efforts of equal opportunity in our nationwide industry?


  1. Mentorship programs - confidentially connect with others in the industry to move your career forward
  2. Professional development via networking programs and webinars
  3. Learn how to recognize and encourage capable female workers with leadership potential
  4. Sensitivity training via webinar sessions designed to provide valuable information about working side-by-side with both genders for both internal and external customers (within the office workplace and in the field)
  5. Outreach programs to attract more women to our industry
  6. Education seminars defining the power of women/men leadership boards and their ability to govern more effectively and drive improved profits
The Women in Propane Council has two types of memberships. Individuals may join at the rate of $25. Companies may join at the corporate rate of $500 which includes an unlimited number of individuals from the company. Membership in the Women in Propane Council is open to any individual (both female and male) or company that is a member of the NPGA. Membership in the Women in Propane Council runs on an annual basis through the NPGA fiscal calendar ending in February.  

Committee Information

The Membership Committee oversees member benefits and recruitment. The Membership Committee coordinates with the council’s scheduled events to ensure that recruiting opportunities are successful at venues throughout the U.S. The committee welcomes new WIP members to the council. 
Program & Events
The Programs & Events Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating programs, including events, that are held at industry meetings and training offered online. This includes an annual program, training session and networking event at the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo as well as other activities held at regional conventions, open houses, and NPGA Board of Director meetings. Live programs and events are held around the country. Digital recording of events brings them to all members.
Communications & Marketing
The Communications & Marketing Committee presents the Women in Propane Council to the industry at large. The committee’s communications are delivered digitally and in print.  This group is responsible for placing WIP ads and articles in industry publications, promoting the Council to the industry, and working with the Membership and Program & Events Committees to promote their activities to current and future WIP members.  
Click here to join a committee!  We look forward to your involvement.  
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