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NPGA offers several committees which you can serve on to directly influence the industry and network in the process. Serving on a committee furthers your professional development by providing leadership experience. It also expands your professional network, promotes new ideas for your company, and strengthens your ties within the industry. Read about the committees you can volunteer with and complete the form below to directly impact the industry.


Audit Committee members consider the scope of the annual audit, review the findings of the auditor and periodically review accounting practices, controls, and reports to insure adequacy and accuracy.
CETP Certification
Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) Certification Committee members have the opportunity to manage the content, integrity, and promotional activities related to the certification program including, but not limited to: the online certification test, maintenance of stakeholder records, proctor control, and skills assessment responsibilities.
Conventions Committee members assist with the organization and management of all Association tradeshows and conventions.
Governmental Affairs
Governmental Affairs Committee members maintain industry information and develop cooperation with government agencies; consider and recommend policy on legislation affecting the industry; maintain relationships with other organizations and associations in the field of governmental relations. Additionally, they formulate and recommend model laws and ordinances for Association sponsorships.
Member Services
Member Services Committee members provide assistance to the Board of Directors in determining the services appropriate to satisfy the needs of the members; formulate and carry out membership promotion and retention programs, and other members services as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
Propane Supply and Logistics
Propane Supply and Logistics Committee members monitor changes in the propane supply chain, including: pipeline outages, exports, and transporation issues.  The committee makes policy recommendations and helps NPGA members stay informed on the changing propane marketplace.
Technology, Standards, and Safety
Technology, Standards & Safety Committee members consider and recommend proper standards for the storage, transportation and utilization of LP-gas, including pertinent equipment and appliances; to consider and recommend proper LP-gas specifications; and to maintain liaison with technical societies and the technical activities of associations in related fields.
Voting membership on a committee is limited to NPGA members only. Advisory members, without vote, may be appointed to committees from outside the membership of the Association, provided they are not eligible for membership. Committee members' terms are renewed yearly coinciding with the Association's operating year.







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